Friday, July 9, 2010

our house

Wow, what a vacation can do to you. It is only today, 4 days after returning, do I feel back to normal. A grand time was had by all, no one got lost, no one cried more than once a day. I consider that a successful vacation.

When we returned late on Monday evening, we were greeted by our newest family members.
You can see that these guys have the same picture taking capabilities of my youngest. I took 8 pictures and they all look like this, blurry and not cute (sigh). Trust me, they are cute in real life.

Back to why we doubled our pet population... We have a rodent problem here in our house since we live amongst 1 billion trees. We have voles, shrews, mice, snakes, etc. The before mentioned like to come in our house and setup shop. So we are hoping that these 2 bad boys will help detour the little varmints. They will be outside pets to set a boundary between the pests and the house. Go kittens go! (they don't have names yet, k was gone at camp all week.)

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