Saturday, January 22, 2011


Seven years ago I was about to pop. Severely uncomfortable. Couldn't tie my shoes. Only had 2 pair of pants that kinda fit and the same number of tops. I knew that the next day would be the birth day of my little boy. My Cannon. I was nervous and excited and exhausted and ready.

The last seven years he has served as my cuddle bug, my onery boy and the child that is most likely to drive me to drink. I have heard that boys are harder when they are young, sure hope that this is true!

He has more imagination than the rest of us put together. He is sweet when he wants to be. He loves his lego people, star wars and likes to sneak candy. Sure love him!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

such a simple thing

Change a life.... its such a simple thing. If you have love in your heart, if you have a bed in your home, if you have a tinge in your soul. It is so easy.

Yesterday, I came across this blog. The Oatsvall family is a huge supporter of Kisses from Katie. This family has adopted several children with the 2 newest being from Uganda. One of the little boys, Joseph, has a hearing problem. Watch this video to see the world being turned on in his little ears. This brought an instance stream of tears from my eyes as I sat here and thought, that was so easy. Medical care, wow.

So many children are out there needing a family. So many children who just need basic medical care to really change their life. I pray that souls will be stirred towards adoption. I pray that people will see the need and open up their hearts and minds. I pray that if adoption is not on their hearts, that they will help support those families that adoption is so important.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

look how cute...

A dear friend sent me an email that someone dear to her sent her. This second dear thought of me when she saw this. I absolutely love it! The 1st dear and 2nd dear were both right! I have ordered some shirts and wanted to pass along the info to you. If you love it too OR like to support other adoptive families, then click here!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I am not perfect. I am not a perfect wife. I am not a perfect mother. I am not a perfect friend. My house is messier than I would like. I have chores that I just avoid. I have cobwebs in more corners than not. I don't get laundry done and put away in a timely manner which I am reminded of almost every morning when I hear "mom, do you have any pants for me?" I am not a good cook. I want more out of life but am too afraid to go after it. I am selfish when it comes to chocolate. I am forgetful. I wish I had better handwriting. I am not good at math or anything that analyzes anything. I avoid confrontation. I get my feelings hurt and hide behind a wall. I want to have more organization in my life. I want to feel clutter free of things that I do not need. I don't like my body fat percentage. I worry too much about things that will never happen. I worry about things that I cannot change. I want something different. I want something better.

It has just been that kind of week...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

maybe she does

Yesterday I was looking for something where I keep special momentous. I was going through the box and I pulled out this picture and set it out to remind myself to frame it. Grace came to where I was, looked at the picture and said "this is when I was in wanda?" I looked at her and said "yes, Grace, that is when you were in Rwanda." This picture we don't have out and we don't look at it too much.

Maybe she does remember. Maybe she remembers her first home. Maybe she remembers her nannies and the other children in her room. Maybe she does...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Wow, 2010 was a fast one! It flew by with such fierceness that I am kinda happy to see it end. 2011 promises to be a much calmer and gentler year. Thanks goodness!

Adoption Update: We have everything completed, signed and turned in to the adoption worker. Hopefully in the next few days we will get notification that our adoption resource file is open and we are ready to be presented at the monthly adoption worker meeting. The first one for 2011 is January 12. If our file isn't ready by then, we will be presented in February.

We just completed Grace's 12 month post-placement report. It is surreal to look back over our year with her and just this morning Kay said again "I am so glad she is with us." I feel the same way and am still in awe at how God works and brought her home!

Here's to a wonderful 2011 full of love, laughter and new experiences!