Monday, April 4, 2011

Right now...

Outside my windowthe sun is just about set. The sky is a medium blue and is lined with an a deep pink ribbon across the bottom. All finished with the shadow of trees.

This thought impacted me… life can change in an instant. We don't have control and only He knows what is to come.

I am thinking… why does life have to be so unpredictable?

My heart is… heavy. Heavy for a friend who got unexpected news. Heavy for our family as we wait to see if God has another child for us to love.

I am thankful for… my family and close friends

I am reading… The Language of Love & Respect: Cracking the Communication Code With Your Mate by Dr Emerson Eggerichs

I am hoping… for good adoption news in the next few weeks!

I am hearing… the big kids getting ready for bed

Around the house… dust bunnies, just in time for spring!

One of my favorite things… tulips

Here is picture for thought I am sharing… taken at the Home of Hope in Kigali on our last visit to the orphanage before we left for Ethiopia


brenda said...

You are on my mind tonight. Thinking about the orphanage in Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was listed as a recommended blog in my google reader feed a couple of weeks ago. It caught my attention because I am also from Oklahoma. Then I noticed you are adopting through DHS... us, too! I'd love to swap stories with you and travel this journey together. Today was a bit of a frustrating day, and it's nice to know others understand the difficulty of waiting!!

I'm glad I came across your story, your family is beautiful!