Saturday, May 21, 2011


So much has been going on around here. Lots of busy evenings, lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of prepping for summer, lots of prayer for things to come.

the end of school is near, this one is not ready for the summer to be here

looking at our in park home run hitter

school picnics

lots of softball games

prepping to send 2 kiddos back here.. Kay's 3rd year back!

school pictures this spring...looking at my almost pre-k girl

here she is in all her glory.... legs and orneriness

oh, the rapture was supposed to happen. did it?

this boy.... wow, is all I have to say.

"mom, pistol pete signed my forehead!"

This summer will be full of excitement, sweat and swimming. We are ready. Well, all of us except Kaylee.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The only way through this...

The only way through this thing called adoption is faith that God is in it with you. Our family mission with adoption is to provide a family for a little one who needs us.

Grace's adoption, we knew what to expect. Complete the paperwork, send some money, wait for so long, get approved, hop on a plane, meet your child, more paperwork, come home. It was very cut and dry really.

This time around looked like it was going to be the same. Complete paperwork, take classes, wait for a little one. Yeah, well, it is all fine and dandy except for there aren't any little ones.

Most of my research shows that African American males are the least likely to be adopted. So instead the majority don't finish high school, bounce around the foster care system, many of them end up in prison somewhere.

Well, that is not the case in our state. Over the last 5 months, there have been 2 (yes 2) little ones who were African American and under the age of 2. Our homestudy was submitted but we weren't chosen for them. Ok, so why exactly are we doing this? Where are all of the little African American boys who need a home? Where is all the research coming from?

So last week I was doing some internet investigations. I did find some websites ( & where you can search the database to see if anyone is in your age range. Our worker had warned me that most of the kids on these website are hard to place kids that have severe medical issues. I can confirm that this is the case. It was heartbreaking to see these little ones who need so much medically not have a family.

I then stumbled across this website. The Orphan Justice Center is a website who's motto is Rescue - Adopt - Restore. I found a listing where they have every state adoption specialist name and their contact information. I stared at the screen and thought, hmmm. Then my fingers started clicking and I sent our homestudy to every single state that had an email address listed. I wrote a letter to the "Dear Adoption Worker" and prayed that God show me if we really are supposed to adopt. I also mailed the same information to the few states who didn't have an email listed. So I contacted 48 states (I decided against Hawaii and Alaska). If I have this information at my finger tips and not a child is found, then I am taking it as a message that now isn't the time, I need to back off.

I have had a good response. Several states have said that they do not have any children within our age request. I have had several states say that they have forwarded our information on to other workers within their states. I have had a few phone calls. I also have had a few states give me the website and say that I should look there (again...).

All in all, I really feel that I have exhausted all of the avenues out there. Either there really aren't any little African American boys who need a home (which I have a hard time believing) or this just isn't our time.

To help my type A self, I have printed off a map of the US. I make notes on each state whenever I get a response. This helps me keep track and gives me a visual on who and where.

My prayer has been for God to let me know what the next step is. I know that there are kids out there that need families. I know that there is someone out there who needs us... just have to find him!