Sunday, June 26, 2011


Summer has started off busy! Kay and Can have had several weeks of non-stop fun. At least I hope they are having fun....
Cannon with his 2 favorite counselors at kamp, Brad & Jake

Kay with her counselors, Anna & Sarah Margaret

Grace enjoyed being an only child for a week. Got to watch what she wanted on tv, had the pool to herself, and of course all of our attention. Here she is mastering her floating.

Here is the newest addition to our family. A little kitten who was orphaned by her mama. She was found by friends and Kaylee said "mom, she needs us." So, here is Jayne.

Our next renovation. Cabinets used to be in the spot above, the stove is on the left. I'll post before and afters as we progress!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adoption #2 Update

Just a quick update on adoption #2. In simple terms, there are no new developments. I do feel that I have done all that I can do on my end. If God sees us fit for another adoption, then He will make it so.

Steps we have taken:
1) Completed all DHS requirements. We hear from our worker occasionally but there seem to not be very many african american boys in our age range in our state. We even increased our age range but still nothing yet.

2) Sent our homestudy to 50 states either via email or mail. I have heard back from several states and have been told "your homestudy has been sent to the correct person." So we will see if we get any calls from that.

3) Sent letters out to certain individuals who may come in contact with women who are looking for adoptive parents.

4) Researched international adoption again (Uganda). The time in-country is 6-8 weeks which seems like a long time at this point. We were in Rwanda/Ethiopia for 3 weeks...

So I feel at peace and content with what I have done. I do feel that we are supposed to adopt again so I will leave that up to God to show me when.... for now I will enjoy the sweet 3 souls that God has blessed me with. Lots of fun things are planned for the summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

She asked...

Last night we got home late. Grace requested a bath because "my feet are dirty. I played outside" They were, so we bathed. As always after bath, we put some good old coconut oil in her hair and were combing it out. She was up on her stool looking in the mirror.

She asked me.... "mama, I'm brown." I said "yes, Gracie, you are brown."

She then asked me... "mama, your white." I said "yes, Gracie, I am white."

She said "why?"

I stood there amazed at the question. She is only 4 by a few months. I didn't think it would come this soon. I thought I had a few more years. I am not sure that she understood exactly what she asked. I am still taken aback when I think about it....

I said to her "well, God made us this way. And I am more of a carmelly tan then white." We then talked about the things we have in common. "Mama has black hair and I have black hair" she said. I followed with "you, daddy and yaya all have brown eyes!" We continued on with our similarities as this is one of her most favorite things to point out.

I knew that this question would be asked. I knew that one day she would realize that we don't have the same color skin. But I also know that that is the only difference. Everything about us is the same... We all have hearts, brains, fingers, toes. We like to swim. We like to eat pizza. We all love each other and we love our God. God made us the way we are. God made our family.