Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween through the years...

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker

Nikki the American Girl and Darth Vader

Jango Fett, an Ewok, our Cupcake

Pioneer Football Player, Minnie Mouse, Kisses from Katie - Katie Davis

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the blue gates in Rwanda to the blue roof of the US Department of Homeland Security, Grace's citizenship is complete. It has been a long road of post-adoption paperwork. From the re-adoption, to getting an american birth certificate, to submitting the envelope full of paperwork to the USCIS office, it has been almost 2 years. We are so glad that this is complete! Now, I just have to get her a social security number then a passport.... hopefully those will be a bit easier and/or quicker!

I wasn't sure what to expect. Would there be a ceremony? Would there be an interview? All we got was a letter telling Grace she had to be here at this time on this date. Easily enough, all we did was wait for our turn then I wrote her name several times on her certificate. We surrendered her Green Card and that was it. No oath or swearing on her heart. No raise your right hand and repeat after me. Just a new "Certificate of Citizenship," a Citizen's Almanac and a letter from Barrack welcoming Grace to our country. Welcome indeed!

Here is our American citizen right after we left. She was quite happy with her flag and held it all the way home. She came saying "America, America."

Kaylee made citizenship cupcakes for her little sis. Here's Grace ready to dig in. Again with the flag :).

Our bedtime reading for tonight. We covered the important presidents listed (Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy) then recited the Pledge of Allegiance. I told Grace there would be a quiz tomorrow.
Our bedtime prayer tonight for Grace was thanking God for our country and for bringing her to our family. God shed his grace on thee...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

i am not a professional

Cannon has needed a hair cut for about a week and a half. It hasn't gotten done. So today after football, I said "sit down" and I attempted my first hair cut with the handy Remington clippers of course. I made sure I had the right guard on. Carefully placed the blade against his head. Moved my arm in an upward motion. Then something went wrong. He screeched. I stepped back. I tried again. Same response. Tears were flowing at this point. The haircut ladies make this look so easy. I tried one more time. More tears flowed down his dirty face. Now the lower right quadrant of his head had shorter hair than all the rest. I have no idea what I did wrong. He grabbed a hat and off we went to get his hair cut by a professional. Thank goodness for that sweet lady!