Sunday, March 18, 2012

vanilla mama - chocolate hair

Well, it is no secret that I have struggled with Grace's hair.  She has such a tight curl and it is pretty course in texture.  It grows but her curl is so tight that it wasn't getting more than an inch tall on her head.  Although, when you stretch the curl out it is a good 3-4 inches in length.  I looked and looked for ways to do something with this head of hair style wise.....

We got Grace's hair braided a couple of times this fall. I was visiting with our braid lady about my hair issues.  She mentioned that I could try a texture softener on Grace's hair.  This would soften and loosen the curl. Perfect!  Or at least that is what I thought.  I envisioned Grace with an awesome TWA (teeny weeny afro) where I could put darling headbands and bows and it would just be the cutest thing ever.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I purchased the texture softener and applied it to Grace's hair. I didn't leave it on the time the box suggested because I wanted to be careful.  After a couple of minutes when i began rinsing Grace's hair, I didn't want to believe my eyes.  Her hair was straight.  Like straight, straight.  I grabbed the box and read it all again.  I had done everything right.  I left it on for less time than the box suggested.  What had happened?  I was horrified.

The first few days I spent figuring out some new looks for her now straight hair.  We tried a headband and pig tails.  It was so long that it could easily fit into pig tails. She loved having these!  I naively thought that maybe the curl would come back after a few washings.  I washed it every day that first week hoping this was the case.  Sadly, no matter what I did, Grace's hair was still straight.

I read the box and it said that this should last only 4-6 weeks.  Great.  I proceeded to put G's hair in pig tails every single day.  This was the only style that looked good for her.  If I left her hair down it would end up sticking up everywhere or she would look all disheveled.   Help me.

So a couple of weeks ago, I asked my hair person to do some research on what we could do.  She and her fab hair friend did some of that research.  We all thought that a perm would be a good thing to try.  Then as the hair continued to grow we would trim off the perm and Grace's natural hair would be back.  It would be a long process of growing and trimming but it would be better than the pig tails everyday straight action that we had going on.

This Friday we headed to the salon to try to fix my bad decision.  Here is our day chronicled in pictures...

Before the action, see how her hair is straight and fuzzy?

Rolling her hair

Cotton around the head 

 Perm applied, now we wait (and pray!)

Now, once the perm was done and hair was rinsed, there was definitely a curl. Not quite the curl I was hoping for BUT it was better than the before.  We decided to go ahead and cut Grace's hair giving her a stacked type of hair cut.  Shorter in the back with a longer section on the front.  The longer section would allow the height to be there as well as be able to do a swoop with a bow or mini pig tails.  Much to my delight, the finished product is absolutely darling and perfect for Grace.  She looks sassy in her new style and it looks more natural than the perm curl would have anyway.  Her hair definitely looks like a TWA and as you can see from the picture below the side swoop with the bow is a good look for Grace.

Back view

So the moral of this very long post is don't do anything to her hair!  I will love it in its natural state even though I may be envious of other chocolate babies that have loose luscious curls.  Grace's hair fits her personality and I will never do anything like this again! This vanilla mama has learned her lesson...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Having 2 kids of different genders, I have never done the whole save clothes and pass them down to your siblings bit.   Until now.  When we decided to adopt in 2008 I started saving clothes. I kept Kaylee's clothes which were then a size 6.  I kept Cannon's clothes which were a size 4.  I kept both kid's clothes since we didn't know who we were going to get.

This Spring I had the joy of pulling out Kaylee's clothes.  Grace, though still 4 years old, is well on her way to being in a size 6.  Girl has got some legs on her!  As I brought the tub down and started going through my favorite of Kay's clothes, the memories flooded back.  When Kaylee was 6 she was still letting me pick out her clothes and always looked so cute.  I can't wait to get Grace into some of these outfits.  I totally get the idea of passing down clothes from siblings now.... it's not just the saving money part but it is the passing on of memories from big sister to little sister.

As I went through Grace's closet to make room for her new bigger clothes, I carefully went through her smaller clothes to pass down to her little sister maybe or will it be a brother. Only God knows.  But they are all packed away and filled with memories.  I look forward to that flood when it is time.