Sunday, May 20, 2012


Kaylee "graduates" from elementary school this week. It is so hard to believe that she is going into 6th grade this fall. I was looking for a picture for a graduation decoration for her and I started to find all of her school pictures. It amazes me how the progression of teeth or absence there of and hair length can make the memories come flooding back. Each picture makes me remember what was going on in our life during that time.  It also reminds me when she started dressing herself and said no to bows.  Funny how those things happen.  Join me in the stroll...  (please forgive the iphone pictures of the actual school pics!)

Pre-Kindergarten, 4 years old, 2005

Kindergarten, 5 years old, 2006

1st Grade, 6 years old, 2007

2nd Grade, 7 years old, 2008

3rd Grade, 8 years old, 2009

4th Grade, 9 years old, 2010

5th Grade, 10 years old, 2011

Monday, May 14, 2012

setting in...

Well, it has been just over 2 weeks since our family grew by one son.  It has been fun planning his room, going through Cannon's things to see what he can pass down to his brother, and getting him clothes.  Though it is challenging trying to figure out his clothing size and how big his feet are.  With Grace, it was easy. We just did dresses... boys don't wear dresses though in Africa we could probably get away with it.  I am thankful for elastic waists and adjustable fit shorts. Surely, something we take will fit him. 

I have looked at his picture no less than 1,000 times.  I love to show him to those close to us.  I love to see their reaction to the beauty of his face.  He is pretty. He has pretty skin, pretty teeth, and beautiful eyes.  His eyes match Grace's.  That deep dark espresso that pulls you in.   In his picture, he is smiling.  Such a drastic difference from Grace's pictures. She was mad. She didn't want her picture taken.  He seems to enjoy the camera and seems carefree and happy.  

Next up is finding out when we get to go get him.  The trip will revolve around the court date.  So we are at the mercy of court system.  Praying that it is sooner rather than later.  He has already been without us for too long.  Pray for our sweet boy. Pray for others that are with him and for the caregivers that who love on him everyday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

a week ago...

A week ago, I was the mother of 3.  We were a family of 5.  A week ago, our life was normal.  I was doing all the mom things I do and was happy with the little life that God has blessed us with.

A week ago, I woke up earlier than usual.  I got up, ate breakfast and decided to check my email.  The house was quiet and still.  The sun was just begin to rise.  I opened my email and saw an email that I had been waiting for. The subject line stopped me in my tracks.  "Referral" is the word I read.  I opened the precious email and began reading.  

I jumped out of my chair and ran to wake Ryan up.  I shook him and forced him to open his eyes.  I told him that our referral had come and unlike last time, I wanted us to read it together.  

We both read the words that changed our lives once again.  We read that our new child would be a boy, a son.  We read that he is 3 years old.  We read about his history and how he came to be an orphan.  We read words that only we will share with him one day when we feel he is ready.

After we both got done reading, we scrolled down to see the most precious face.  There were three pictures of our youngest child and instantly his face was permanently etched in my brain.   Deacon...

It has been a week since we received the wonderful news of our son. We are now a family of 6.  I am the mother to 4.