Saturday, September 8, 2012

totally stole this from a friend's fb page

One of these days, I will look back onto our adoption journeys and think that they weren't so bad. Kinda like childbirth, you only remember the good parts. That's why you keep doing it.  God's way of giving mama amnesia.

No one said that adoption was easy.  I knew this the first go around.  Months of no communication about did me in. But once we got our Grace it was all worth it.  She came home and filled our home with such joy and laughter.

We decided to take the road once more.  First we tried our state route.  We took the classes and waited to be matched with a little one from our state.  After a year waiting, we didn't renew our paperwork because there just didn't seem to be the kids in need that we kept hearing about.  Our state needs foster homes and that's just not where we were then.  I thought well maybe there isn't a 4th kiddo out there for us.

Next came a young college girl who made a poor choice.  We cared for her and helped take care of her.   We prepared a room and I was so excited to get a baby....  But one Friday night in October she gave birth and she decided to keep her child and again we were left childless.  A pain that is hard to deal with and so much harder to explain.

Several months later, we were led back to the continent where we had been before.  Still recovering from the loss of a child and me still feeling the call to give a child a home.

Things went pretty quickly this time.  We have waited longer to go and get him then it took us to get paperwork done and then referred.  The excitement of getting ready and planning for the other kiddos has worn off and after 3 months of thinking it was time then being told not yet I am exhausted with the process.

But no one said that adoption was easy. No one said that there wasn't pain or stress or worry.  No one said this narrow path didn't keep me closer to Him.

Soon we will all feel the relief of having our son home. Soon we will be able to bask in the goodness of his joy and his laughter as it feels our hallways.  Because no one said it was easy, but I know it will be worth it.


Juanita said...

"Because no one said it was easy, but I know it will be worth it."
Thank you for speaking to this. Our entire adoption was difficult even when we were in country. In the midst of our in-country troubles,my brother even said to my mom "maybe maybe this isn't God's will". As Christians we need to acknowledge that this is a lie. I have never fought harder for anything than I did for both my children... and they are so worth it! I hope that you are surrounded with people who support you pray for you and cheer you on as you boldly follow where God is leading you. I look forward to reading about the homecoming of you and your child!

travcat said...

We are hoping to adopt from Rwanda, but are having trouble finding much about the process. Would you mind e-mailing me?
Thank you!

Delana said...

Praying for you as you wait for your son. Here are some things that may be helpful on your journey.