Monday, November 19, 2012


Some would say that this adoption went pretty quickly.  We turned in paperwork in January and were home with our son at the end of October.  Ten months...  That is quick for international adoption.  Really, it is quick for any kind of adoption.

However, this journey began while we were in Rwanda in the fall of 2009.  We were there for Grace. We were welcoming our 3rd child into our family. While we were there, our eyes were being opened even more to the life of the orphan.  We saw so many children without families.  Little ones crying out.

We knew that we had to go back.  As we traveled down the red dirt roads, bonded with our new daughter, waited for important documents, we knew that we would return.  When our process was complete, we knew that this would not be our last adoption.

At the one year anniversary of Grace being home, we were going to start again. We would bring another child home to our family.  Then Rwanda shut their doors.  So that wasn't the right place.  We tried to adopt through our state. But that wasn't the right way.  We tried to help out a young girl who had made poor decisions. But that wasn't the right time.

There was so much pain and heartbreak. There was much more prayer.  I truly believe that we had to go through all of this because he was waiting for us.  God was waiting for the right time and knew that this little guy was our son.  He knew that I would have a passion and a drive to adopt and He knew He had to make me wait.

God made us wait for him, our son.  He was waiting for us in a babies home in a tiny town in Uganda.  He waited every day not knowing that we were coming.  Then on September 25, he waited no more.  As Ryan scooped him up, his face smiled with a joy that told me in my heart that he knew that we were his forever.

We are home now and our family is complete.  God has given and we feel extremely blessed.    This is our son, Deacon.

This adoption was a quiet one. I will take the time here to go back and relive our journey.  I pray that it helps someone in their process, either with encouragement or with details along the way.