Sunday, December 23, 2012

a lazy Saturday and food!

Saturday, September 29
Even in Africa, Saturdays are for laying around and relaxing. Since we have spent the last 8 days either in an airplane or driving in a car for hours, we decided to stay at the guest house and just be.  We cook our meals here so that has been fun exploring what I can make with the food I brought and pairing it with the local flavors.  By local, I mean we have had eggs (brown!), chicken breast, ground beef and bananas.  We bought apples too but I don't think they are native :).  Tonight we had ramen and chicken for dinner. I haven't had ramen since our early married college days.  It tasted so good!

Deacon had another great day.  He played and played and played.  He pushed around luggage, stacked chairs, drove his trains, talked on his phone, sported his sunglasses and napped.  

Couple of exciting things that happened today:
1) He got to Skype with Kaylee, Cannon & Grace. They were are 3 so excited to talk to him.  He was good for about 10 minutes then he started to get a little nervous and was done with the whole people talking through the computer thing. It was so good to see the kids though! First time since we left!  Africa time and OK time are hard to match up!

2) He said more words!!!  He said good-bye a few more times.  He also said "I love you" after we said it to him.  Ryan got him to say "mama" as well but I didn't hear that one. So he is really starting to improve. 

Monday, October 2Today was a fun day.  We had the pleasure of experiencing traditional Uganda food.  I will give you the plate tour.... starting at 12 o'clock...
1) Green: this was some kind of greens. They were bitter and just okay.
2) Tan: this was some kind of stew meat. Beef simmered in a tomato/veggie broth.  Pretty tasty!
3) Yellow: Matooke, this is a type of banana. It is wrapped in banana leaf then steamed. It taste a lot like spaghetti squash to me. Pretty good.
4) White: Maize, this is a lot like really thick grits.  You pick it up and eat it with your hands and use it like bread to soak up broth. Pretty good.
5) Tortilla Like thing: Chapate. It is wheat flour mixed with oil then fried. This is quite tasty~
6) Rice: this was like fried rice with carrots and peas. Basic and it tasted good.
7) Brown paste: this is a peanut paste. You can put it on your chapate. It tasted like a light peanut butter.
8) Beans: these are like our pinto beans cooked with some onions and tomatoes. This was my favorite part.

All in all this meal was very good. Not extremely filling but I was proud of myself for trying it all.  True Ugandan fashion is to pile everything on the plate and have the broth float all on the bottom. I, of course, stuck with my usual plating method, making sure nothing touched :). Though I did use the maize and chapate to soak up some broth from a separate bowl :).  It may not look very good but I was pleasantly surprised that it was!

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