Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amazima, Katie Davis Visit

September 28

We just arrived back at the guest house after spending 3 hours in a Kampala traffic jam. Yuck.  Nothing like sitting in a van with the windows down (no a/c) and breathing in all the other cars exhaust.  Deacon did great though and was very patient.

We had another great day today. I have been surprised at how well the trip has gone so far.  Kinda makes me hope it doesn't turn the other direction in the weeks to come!  This morning was easy and around noon we headed out to Jinja and Amazima Ministries. It is supposed to be about a 1.5 hour drive but it ended up being around 2.5 due to traffic. On Fridays, everyone uses the same road to either go to Kenya or to go to Kampala for the weekend.  It was a lot of time in the car but so worth it.

We arrived at Amazima around 4pm after a ride through Jinja and then a backtrack to where we were supposed to go.  We passed over the Nile River dam.  I kept thinking I wonder how many crocodiles were in there! The river was really pretty and very lush and green on the banks.  

When we arrived we met Brad Lang who is Amazima's operations director. He spoke with us for about 30-45 minutes on the history of Amazima and Katie Davis.  He is from Iowa and his family operates s soy bean farms.  It is a way for them to reach out to others missionally as well.  Who would of thought a soy bean can help someone come to Jesus!

After our talk, we got a tour of the grounds. There is a large place where the 581 kids come to worship every Saturday.  They get a meal and then food to take home for the week. There is a large playground and they are building a soccer field.  Our family has talked so much about Katie and her ministry that it was great to actually be able to see it. 

Here are a few pictures...

Where they do the Saturday morning worship  

the kitchen that makes all of the food for hundreds on Saturdays

Franko, Katie's pet monkey

An up close of Franko. He loves to be touched. Trying to take my ring off here.

Looking out from the kitchen

Deacon had a good day. He even talked, twice! He has this phone that sings a song. At the end of the song, it says "good-bye."  So this morning while we were getting ready, he was listening to the phone sing and at the end after it was done he goes "good-bye."  Then a few hours later in the van, the same thing happened. He was listening to the phone and after the song was over, he said "good-bye" in the sweetest little high pitched voice.  We also got lots of laughter today thanks to him being ticklish.  I heard him laugh in his sleep the first night but that has been it. So more vocalizations today which is great!  Maybe tomorrow he will let it all out.

Ryan and I are both feeling pretty good.  We are getting sleep and eating well. No sickness yet.  Tomorrow we are going to take the day to just relax at the guest house. We have been in the car for at least 3+ hours everyday since we arrived. Deacon won't know what to do when we don't get ready to go somewhere.

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