Monday, December 10, 2012

back to Kampala

September 27

Day 3 with Deacon was another great day.  We woke this morning and made the 5 hour trek back to Kampala from Mbarara.  Deacon is a great lap rider and loves to look out the window at all of the other cars and boda boda's (motorcycles).  There are a lot of vehicles on road and they like to drive really close to each other.  He spent some time up front with Ryan as well which he really liked because he could see out the windshield. The Chinese are putting in new roads so there was lots of construction equipment that he could watch as well.  

The road from Mbarara to Kampala is filled with strips of "shops."  Most of these strips are in little villages and are made of concrete. They sell everything from live chickens to popcorn to internet minute sticks.  There are carpenters that are making beds, dressers and caskets with just hand tools.  There are welders making doors and gates.  There are people all around and lots of children running around as well.  We have seen lots of goats, cows, dogs, and a few cats.  The only exciting animal we have seen is the Crested Crane. The Crested Crane is Uganda's national animal. Our driver said that there aren't many around but I have seen 3 in the last day.  

In more of the rural area of the road, we stopped at a drum shop. It was a stick hut on the side of the road.  Drums were tied to the sides as well as all around the inside.  The drum is made/carved from wood then it is wrapped in cow hide. The hide is a dark chocolate brown and then is wrapped again in some kind of twine. We saw where they were drying out hide or tanning it.  It was up off the ground a little bit and all spread out.  There were some "fresh" drums too that weren't for sale yet. They smelled a bit...  

For our Georgia Tech alum friends, while driving in Kampala today I saw a Ugandan sporting a GT hat.  So know that GT is represented here!  It was fun to see a bit of home walking down the street!

Deacon is starting to open up a bit. He smiled a lot today and seems comfortable with hugs, kisses, tickles.  Still no words from our sweet boy but we know that they are in there.  Maybe tomorrow! He likes to stick out his tongue while he is playing or looking at a book or concentrating.  Imagine Michael Jordan when he dunked a basketball.  Long, pink and all the way down his chin.  Ryan loves it :).

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