Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meeting Deacon

September 25, 2012

What a day we have had!  This morning we traveled out to Deacon's home and met him.  He was very responsive to us and didn't cry at all.  He let us hold him almost the whole time we were there.  He is very quite and shy. We have yet to hear him say anything.  We remember this with Grace. She was so quiet the first few days....but then look out!

Ryan and I both have had so many memories of Grace's trip.  It is fun to think back on it then look at where Deacon is coming from.  

His favorite toys are anything with wheels. He loves his cars and his plane.  He has a couple of books that he is loving as well.  We have traveled with him back to Mbarara to stay the night.  We were able to bring him with us but we plan to go back out to the home tomorrow to spend some more time.  

He is smaller than we expected as well. Probably the size of a 2ish yr old back in the US. His clothes are a tad big but he will start growing. He is eating well and had beef, chicken, french fries, almonds, granola bar, trail mix and puffs today!

One bummer of the day, court has been delayed again (7th time!). But it is only until next week. Our original judge is sick and the new judge hasn't had time or won't have time to review the files before Thursday. So next week it is.  This should not delay us in getting home thank goodness.

First time we met Deacon.

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