Friday, December 28, 2012

on our way to the safari

This morning we woke up with some excitement in the air.  We packed our bags and headed out the door.  After an hour to get out of the city of Kampala, we went on the northern bypass up to Murchsion Falls.  We drove for 5 hours on roads better than those back at home.  We passed by village after village after village winding our way up to the north eastern part of the country.  Once we made it to our turn, the road became dirt.  We drove for 2 hours on a red African dirt (not to different than OK) one lane road.  We were greeted by troops of baboons and about a half dozen wart hogs (think pumba from lion king).  The baboons are the red butt kind and it made me think of my kids :).  

We decided to take a run up to the top of the falls. I have never seen a dirt road with so many rocks, pot holes (natural of course) or bumps.  It was a bit nail biting at times but we made it to our destination.  We hoped out of our van and walked to where the Victoria Nile plummets to the bottom in a magnificent roaring fashion.  It was so loud and the rapids were so intense.  All that water funneled down... tomorrow we will get to see the bottom of the falls.  

We made our way back to the main road and headed for the ferry. The ferry looked small and not able but it somehow took 4 vans and a very large army truck over the nile.  I just knew we were going to sink when they centered the army truck on the back of the boat.  But God was with us and we made our way across the 3/4 mile wide waterway.  And thank goodness we didn't sink because the waters were filled with hippos! I spotted at least six that came up for air then went back down.  As we reached the shore, we saw another troop of baboons. They were milling around with the people waiting to take the ferry back to the other side.  When we were getting settled in our room, the man told us not to leave our doors open otherwise the baboons would come in and go wild.  

Tomorrow we will go on the actual safari and drive around the grasslands.  I told Ryan today that I think the nature shows must come here to film!  It is absolutely amazing. Beautiful and breathtaking and that was only the road and the falls.  

Deacon did great again. The bumps in the road helped him choose to stay seated.  Our main issue with him has been when he needs to go potty. Thank goodness that Ugandans just go on the side of the road.  We just pull over, hop out and let it fly.  This will not be an easy habit to break when we get home.... I know Cannon will be all in for this but the girls, not so much.  

Tomorrow we should get to see the choice African animals: elephants, lions, more hippos, giraffes, zebras. I am hoping we don't get eaten or caught in a stampede.  We did see some water buffalo today as well. They were totally covered in mud and relaxing in their mud hole while some wart hogs looked for some bugs that taste like chicken. I swear the Lion King and Madagascar have me thinking that we will see a dance number tomorrow while we drive. 

Oh, one other thing, we heard tonight that the soldiers are here because someone from the British royal family will be here tomorrow. I'll let you know if I spot anyone.

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