Saturday, January 5, 2013

3 weeks and a change in his face

Here is an update on our son.  He is doing very well! He is starting to talk more and more and is remembering words that he uses.  He is showing us a lot of affection these last few days which is nice.  An unsolicited hug or touch is so huge.  He is starting to wrestle a bit with Ryan which is funny to watch.  He loves to be tickled.  He is still eating well and sleeping great.  He is unexpectedly easy and I am so thankful since our process has been a bit crazy.   

Here are a few pictures of him from the last 3 weeks so you can see how he has changed.

At our first meeting, 3.5 weeks ago.

On our safari, 2 weeks ago. 

Trying to do some self portraits with a non makeup wearing mom early in the morning, last weekend.

I love to see the changes in his face. Just the uncertainty of not knowing us to learning it's okay to trust us.  He is so relaxed most of the time now and you can see it in his eyes, smile and body language.

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