Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No, Nope, No Pank You

Deacon's vocabulary is starting to expand. He talks all the time now and most of the time you can understand him.  He gives you the right answers to questions he commonly hears.  He is starting to learn his colors and gets the color green right all of the time. The rest we are working on.

Last week, the word "no" entered his vocabulary on a pretty consistent basis.  I really thought that was a little late to the game.  At 4 months together, I really thought it would become a common word before now.  However, he left no time for other word "nope" to enter in as well.  This is probably his favorite response to most questions.  Deacon, do you want to go to school today? Nope. Deacon, did you take a nap today? Nope. Deacon, do you want to play with Cannon? Nope. Deacon, what's your name? Nope.  Other answers to the name question are oatmeal, Africa, Atukwase (his middle name), and today, robot.  This kid may have a pretty good funny bone in him.  He knows the right answer but loves to spice it up to get a rise out of whoever is asking the name question.

Another one that is pretty funny is the "no pank you" response.  I have taught him that if he doesn't want to do something someone is asking him he says "no thank you." In this family we are polite even if we don't want to hang with you.  He can't pronounce his "th" yet so it comes out as a "p."  This is somewhat comical to me.

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