Monday, January 7, 2013

not the day we expected

Our day started at 6am.  We knew that we had to get an early start to get everything done that we needed to. We were out the door by 6:45 am on our way to the passport office. We spent an hour getting to our destination but we arrived a few minutes early.  I felt a sense of renewal and a sense of optimism.  We spoke with the man who would help us and he told us that we would have our new passport in 1 hour.  In African time, this really means 2 hours.  We sat with all of the waiting Ugandans in a court yard and at 9:15am up walks our guy.  We walk to the window and get our passport within the hour as promised. I gave him a big hug and felt a relief fall from my shoulders.

We then headed to the Embassy.  We got right in and were able to turn in all of our paperwork. We filled out the documents needed and told them that the only thing missing was Deacon's birth certificate.  We promised her that we were getting it today (because that is what we were told).  She said to bring it by either this afternoon or by 9am tomorrow morning.  I felt another sense of relief when she said that our visa interview is scheduled for Wednesday.  

After the Embassy we headed for a quick lunch then to go to the office where we would get our birth certificate.  We arrived at 2:30.  Our attorney's office was told to be at the office by 3pm to pick up the birth certificate.  We waited, waited and waited.  Finally, the clock read 4:30pm.  The dread started to fill my heart because I didn't think that we would receive the birth certificate today meaning that we couldn't turn it in tomorrow morning meaning that we wouldn't have our visa interview on Wednesday. At 4:45, I started to cry.  Tears of frustration. Tears of not understanding why this has been so difficult. Tears of wondering why it seems like people are working against us.  We waited another hour.  In this hour, our birth certificate application was denied 4 times.  Reasons were given and not understood.  The form that was completed had all of the information that they would need for the birth certificate.  These people were playing hardball. We have heard and now believe that they are not in favor of international adoption.  We had our ruling from the judge with Deacon's history. The registrar said that she couldn't trust the judge and that he was incompetent at deciding this case.  She demanded an affidavit from Deacon's family member and that family member's id card.  Our driver took a boda back to our attorney's office and brought back the file. From there, we were able to pull out the original affidavit and give this to her.  After hours of waiting, many prayers for hearts to be soften, the registrar decided to sign the birth certificate at 5:45pm. We walked out of the office at 6pm and they closed at 5pm.  More tears flowed as relief came knowing that we had the last piece but some were still of frustration for many reasons.

We drove in the van silently as we were all shocked by all that we have encountered. A day that started out with hope turned dark quickly and I am utterly exhausted from the emotional roller coaster that we have been on this last week. 

The good news is that we have what we need. We will take the birth certificate to the Embassy in the morning.  We will have our visa interview on Wednesday.  We will continue to pray that the visa will be approved on Wednesday and that we can pick it up on Friday.  If all of this happens, we will ALL be on a plane coming home Saturday night.  The Embassy does investigations every so often on adoption cases so the approval is not 100% for sure.  

I felt your prayers today.  During times of dread and disbelief, I would feel a wave of calm and a sense of peace.  Thank you for helping us and holding us up.  I know that God has this, and that He has a plan no matter what. I do not understand WHY this has been so hard but I will look forward to figuring it all out one day.

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