Thursday, January 3, 2013

not a good few days

October 17
We are experiencing some trouble here in UG.  I have always heard about Spiritual Warfare but haven't seen it with my own eyes but now I know that it is surrounding us. I don't want to go into specifics. We are safe and so is Deacon.  We are asking for prayers for us for the next week and a half as as we try to get things done.  Ryan's new motto is "get in-get out."  So whenever you think of us, please say a prayer day or night.  I know that prayer works and our God is a mighty God. He brought us in this and He will get us out.

October 19
We have had a crazy 48 hours.  First, I want to say thank you for your prayers.  We have been through a lot these past few days and today we could definitely feel your prayers and God's presence today.  We had a good day today and I can't way to share our accomplishments.

So why did this get all crazy?  On Wednesday around noon, I received an email from our guest house "manager" telling us that we were no longer welcome there.  There is a huge backstory but her reasoning is that we complained to much. The truth is that the other families complained (there were mice, bed bugs and faulty mosquito nets). Ryan and I never complained about these things.  We went from having 3 families (9 people) to have 6 families (22 people) in the guest house over the weekend. This house is a 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms.  It was a very tight squeeze indeed then add that there are 6 newly adopted children (have no idea what boundaries are) and it was interesting!  I did tell the manager that we didn't have enough dishes.  There were 6 bowls total and maybe 10 plates.  This supposedly upset her. We also gave a tip to the house staff and this upset her as well even though we were told it is okay to tip while staying there.  Ryan spoke with the manager at length on Wednesday early afternoon.  She gave him so many lies (some we knew then and others we found out later) about why we needed to leave.  This is just a summary but it was just an absolutely shocking experience.  Here we are in Kampala with no idea where to go next.  Our agency "partners" loosely with this guest house and the fact that they were kicking out an adoptive family... just wow.

The other part of the crazy....  I have been feeling for the last week that we were under attack.  I have never experienced this in such a way. Here is why I think this:
-Nothing was getting done when people said it would. We always here "tomorrow, it will be ready tomorrow." But it never is. I get that part of this is Africa and that Africa is unpredictable but it was getting ridiculous.  Three weeks of being here and getting nothing done is just not the norm.

-The plagues!  I haven't been bothered by mosquitoes at all. Then Tuesday evening I got probably 20 bites all over my body. We had ants infest our bathroom. Hundreds of tiny black ants going up and down the walls and around the toilet. They were crazy.

-Ryan had a dream on Tuesday night (the night before we were asked to leave) that he was being attacked by someone.  He even woke him self up kicking his bed.

-Last night, I had several different dreams of us being attacked as well. In my dreams, we were being chased or attacked by animals.  So bizarre.

So from being asked to leave the place we have lived for the past 3 weeks to having horrible dreams to having people lie to us, I felt like we were being fought.

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the afternoon finding somewhere to live.  We looked at several places and are now settled into a little 1 bedroom furnished apartment that is not far from the guest house we were staying.  It is owned by a lady in England and it is so nice inside. There is even a huge tv and it has CABLE! I don't even care what I watch but I get AMERICAN TV! Right now, MSNBC is on. I am almost thankful for all of the election talk! For one, I can understand it! and second, it is familiar.

So last night/your day, you all prayed. You prayed for us and our process. You prayed to soften hearts of people who we are working with.  Today it showed.  I prayed last night for God to surround us and protect us.  I prayed that He show us the way and what we need to do.

This morning we woke up and went for Deacon's TB test reading and medical overview. We left early and got there.  He received a NEGATIVE TB test which is awesome!  Then we found out he is 38.5 inches tall and 35 pounds.  We have had him almost a month though so we know he has grown since we got him.  He got the all clear and his medical info was sent to the Embassy this afternoon.

From there, we went to our attorney's office.  One thing we are waiting on that we have to have to proceed, it is our written ruling.  This is exactly what is sound like. The paperwork from the judge saying that Deacon is ours.  We first heard Wednesday, then Thursday, then hopefully today.  I decided that we weren't following the rules any more. The squeaky wheel get the grease right?  So went and we sat. We sat in the office and waited.  There were several phone calls made and lots of time just sitting, but guess what, it worked. We walked out with our written ruling around lunch.  This is another huge thing.

Then we had heard that the passports were also ready today.  Our attorney took our guardianship order and tried to get our passport moving along on Tuesday.  We didn't know if that would work or not.  The passport is supposed to require the written ruling to be complete. So today after lunch, we went back to the attorney's office to sit and wait for the passport. The kept telling us that it would be today.  Around 4:30, I gave up hope. The passport office closes at 5pm.  We didn't hear anything so I had resigned that we wouldn't get it today.  But we kept sitting.  We had a typo on one of our papers that was getting fixed. So we were waiting for that anyway.  Then at 5pm, our attorney came in from court, made some calls, and told us to go to the passport office and he would meet us there.  We got there around 5:30, he got there around 6:00.  At 6:15, he came out with our passport. Wow.

Now, we do have some new hurdles to clear on Monday morning. Deacon's name is misspelled by one letter on his passport. This has to be fixed.  A call has been made and hopefully we will have it early on Monday morning. The other is that we don't have Deacon's original birth certificate. It has been ordered but of course we were told it would be ready today and it wasn't.  My question in, why wasn't the birth certificate already in the file?  They have had our file since June.  Since we have to have it for the Embassy you think that there would be a check list to make sure it was already done.  Only in America I guess :)

Why does all of this matter so much?

Our tickets home are for next Saturday night, October 28.  If we could get all of this done (the written ruling, passport, birth certificate) we could submit it all to the Embassy on Monday morning, have the visa interview on Wednesday and have the visa in hand on Friday which means we will all come home together as planned.  We will save money on more airline change fees, we have already spent an extra $1800 because of court date changes.

The new prayer requests are that the passport and birth certificate will be ready on Monday morning so we can get to the Embassy before noon. There are time and day restrictions to when you can apply for visas.  Pray that our Ugandan staff get this stuff done and understand the urgency.  We know that God can do this.

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Juanita said...

Thank you for sharing the victories! It is wonderful to read of the battles that God is overcoming. I think we all need to see this no matter what situation we're in right now. God is greater and Stronger!