Saturday, March 22, 2014

not the timing we wanted

When we visited with the neurologist, she said that the dan blood test would take 2-3 weeks. What she didn't tell us is that we needed to pay for the blood test before the lab would start working on it.  So we were a good week in before we paid.  When Ryan talked to the lab people, a timeline was not given so we were under the assumption that we would still hear something in 2-3 weeks.

Well, being the inpatient person that I am, we were 1 day away from 3 weeks.  We were about to leave for Spring Break so I called to see if the doctor had heard anything.  Her nurse said no but she would call and heck.  I heard back from the nurse and she said that the results would not be ready until March 28th.  That was a good 2 weeks later than we had expected.

At first I though maybe the lab was backed up. Then I thought that maybe something was wrong with the blood work or maybe they weren't able to figure out what MD Deacon has.  So I called the lab myself.  I talked to the nicest person. I explained our situation and she said she would figure it out!  When she came back on the line, she said that payment wasn't made until February 27th so it would be up to 4 weeks after that.  She then told us that payment had to be made before the lab would start the testing.  Huh, that would have been great to know when we were at the doctor's office. We would have made calling a little bit more of a priority.

Lesson learned… ask if payment needs to be made before whatever test will be run!  All of the other medical things we have done, we get a bill in the mail afterward.  Oh well.  We are just 6 days away from hearing something.

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