Friday, April 11, 2014

every day

Every day I think about Deacon and what his future holds.  Every day I read something about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Every day I cry or am on the verge of tears.  Every day I ask God why.

My husband said it best a few days ago while we were watching another boys story with DMD.  He said that we watch someone else's story be told. We watch them suffer and grieve. We pray for them always and in some cases help support them.  But now it is us. This is our reality. All of the stories that we are reading about little boys with DMD.  That is our story.  Our son will die.  We will be the parents trying to figure out how to go on without one of their children.  Trying to teach our other children how to be brave in a tragic situation and to let God's love shine through us in our darkest hours.  This is hard.  

Every day I hug this sweet little boy. Every day I thank God for him. Every day I am reminded that we don't have many more days.


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